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PROPHECY Preoperative
Navigation System

PROPHECY Preoperative Navigation —
your doctor knows what’s coming

The PROPHECY Preoperative Navigation System reduces the guesswork during your ankle replacement surgery. Available only from Wright Medical, this navigation system enables your doctor to visualize your ankle’s unique anatomy and anticipate the possible contingencies in advance of your surgery.

Using Wright’s proprietary technology and your own CT scan, the system models your unique anatomy and simulates your surgery. This enables qualified Wright Medical engineers to suggest accurate implant sizing, placement, and alignment. Wright Medical provides your doctor with an individualized surgical plan, implant sizing, and patient-specific alignment guides based on your unique anatomy and your doctor’s preferences.

When your doctor uses this system, he can potentially reduce the number of steps in your surgery, the amount of fluoroscopy (X-ray imaging) required, and your time in surgery1. As a patient, you will benefit from accurate implant sizing and alignment.2

Proper sizing and alignment is crucial because it impacts your implant’s long-term performance. Generally, accurate sizing and alignment results in a longer-wearing, better-performing joint. In a study of the ankle replacement surgeries using the PROPHECY Preoperative Navigation System, the size of the tibial component was accurate in 98% of patients3. Alignment was within 5 degrees or less of the target in 100% of patients4.

As you talk to your physician about your options for ankle replacement implants, keep in mind that the PROPHECY Preoperative Navigation System is only available for Wright’s Total Ankle Systems. No other ankle replacement implant has this system available.

Of course, not everyone is a good candidate for the total ankle replacement. Talk to your doctor to discuss your lifestyle and health to find out if surgery is a good option for you. Depending on the severity of arthritis or the unique deformities individual patients can experience, PROPHECY may not be able to be used.


Your physician will coordinate a CT scan of your ankle using the PROPHECY protocol.

Wright Medical will use the CT scan and your physician’s surgical preferences to model your unique anatomy and simulate your surgery.

The simulation will generate a pre-operative plan with implant sizing and recommendations for alignment.

Your physician will review and approve the plan.

Wright will then create patient-specific alignment guides.  Your physician will use both the plan and the alignment guides to facilitate the desired implant alignment during surgery.

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