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Why Wright's Ankle is the Right Ankle

Wherever you go in life, your ankles take you there. That’s why Wright Medical has worked for the past decade to innovate solutions to relieve ankle pain. With our INFINITY Total Ankle System and INBONE Total Ankle System, we go a step beyond relieving ankle pain by creating implants that attempt to restore natural motion.

Because no two ankles are exactly alike, we’ve designed our Total Ankle Systems to offer your doctor options to fit your ankle and increase your satisfaction.

We’ve Designed Different Implants To Offer Your Physician Treatment Options

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SKU: 010376 – INFINITY Total Ankle System

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SKU: 010010 – INBONE II Total Ankle System

And, with Wright’s PROPHECY Preoperative Navigation System, your doctor knows what’s coming

A doctor never knows exactly what to expect with a patient’s ankle replacement procedure until the surgery reveals it. PROPHECY Preoperative Navigation System was designed to change that. Available only from Wright, this navigation system enables your doctor to envision your ankle’s unique anatomy and anticipate all the possible contingencies in advance of your surgery. While still in his office, your doctor can hold your virtual ankle in his hand and run through every aspect of your individualized surgical plan.​ The patient-specific alignment guides help to ensure accurate implant alignment, which impacts your implant’s long-term performance.

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