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Ray K

“It worked for me. Get it!”

In early 1990, Raymond K. of Olivet, Michigan, was working at a steel factory when a beam rolled over his right ankle. Upon seeing his doctor for this injury, he was told that it was only inflamed, and that he would have no lingering issues. After the injury healed he returned to living his active, normal life of golfing, deer, squirrel and turkey hunting and thrice weekly walks with his wife Jane at the nearby elementary school. That was until several years ago when his right ankle pain reemerged rendering him unable to walk at the school because if he tried, his right ankle would buckle underneath him.

With his pain back worse than before, Raymond and his wife scheduled an appointment with his primary care physician where he was referred to an orthopedic physician. There, the orthopedist informed Raymond that his ankle was “like a car engine. After the years of use and abuse it was just worn out, and there was nothing he could do about it,” recalls Raymond’s wife of 52 years, Jane. Raymond was given a boot and then an ankle brace, but neither worked at reducing his pain or providing him with the support he needed. A failed cortisone shot followed leaving Raymond to deal with the pain by taking Tylenol and elevating his ankle when it acted up.

Two years later, Raymond had enough of his ankle pain and needed to see a doctor. He was tired of sitting out from golf rounds and hunting trips. One of his favorite pastimes, fishing, was also off the table because it caused him too much pain.

At the same time Raymond was dealing with his ankle pain he was also dealing with knee pain as a result of bones rubbing against one another. When he consulted an orthopedist whom his wife Jane had seen previously he was told that without a stable ankle to support a new knee he couldn’t undergo the knee replacement. Raymond was distraught because he had been told by several physicians that there was nothing they could do to fix his ankle. Luckily his knee physician referred him to an ankle specialist who was having success with total ankle replacements.

In September 2015 Raymond was referred to Dr. Mike Maskill of Orthopaedic Associates of Kalamazoo in Portage, Michigan. After reviewing his X-rays and performing an examination Dr. Maskill explained everything he could do with a total ankle replacement and asked Raymond what quality of life he would want as a result. Raymond answered “I want to fish, golf and hunt,” and the doctor immediately scheduled the procedure.

The INFINITY Total Ankle System is intended to be used to treat patients with ankle joints damaged by severe arthritis or a failed previous ankle surgery. The INFINITY Total Ankle System is intended to give patients limited mobility by reducing pain and restoring movement in the ankle.

Not everyone is a good candidate for the INFINITY Total Ankle System. Talk to your doctor to discuss your lifestyle and health to find out if surgery with the INFINITY Total Ankle System is a good option for you.

On October 8, 2015, Raymond underwent a total ankle replacement procedure in his right foot, and felt immediate relief afterwards. Once the cast was taken off, he began walking on his foot with slight pain, which eased quickly. After several physical therapy appointments, Dr. Maskill was extremely impressed that Raymond could walk and move his foot around with no problem.

Raymond has begun getting back into the things he loved to do and on Christmas Day, 2.5 months after the procedure, he and his daughter were able to play seven holes of golf. This was huge as he hadn’t been able to golf pain-free for some time. In fact, they would have golfed longer had it not been for the cold wind chill. He also shot two deer during the last hunting season and is excited to fish when the weather gets warmer this Spring.

Once he was fully recovered, Raymond underwent a knee replacement and is recovering much faster thanks in part to his stable ankle. Raymond and Jane take care of their great grandchildren 2-3 days a week, so it was imperative that he get back up and running quickly. Raymond is relieved that he finally consulted the right physician who knew that ankle replacement was an option for him. After several years of living in constant nagging ankle pain he’s thrilled with the results of his total ankle replacement.

When asked what he would tell others considering undergoing a total ankle replacement he said, “It worked for me. Get it!”

These results are specific to this individual only. Individual results and activity levels after surgery vary and depend on many factors including age, weight and prior activity level. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery and there are certain individuals who should not undergo surgery.