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Matt S

As vice president of a large bakery, Matt conducts routine site visits at their various locations. On January 20, 2014, Matt was walking into one location, slipped and fell on a patch of ice and broke his right ankle. As a husband and father of two, Matt loves to hunt, golf and spend time outdoors with his family. Unfortunately, the fall meant participating in those activities quickly came to a halt.

After the accident, Matt’s doctor put stents in his ankle bone, and six weeks later Matt began physical therapy. He continued to experience very limited mobility in his ankle, and 12 weeks after the accident, the joint was not healing properly, so his doctor referred him to a foot and ankle specialist to try to find a solution. The specialist conducted an MRI and quickly discovered that the cartilage between Matt’s tibia and ankle was gone, and there was bone-on-bone rubbing. The doctor conducted surgery on Matt’s ankle in October of 2014 to remove a bone spur in the joint, however, there was still rubbing afterwards, which caused Matt excruciating pain and limited him to walk with his right ankle at a 90 degree angle constantly. Degenerative Joint Disorder and Post Traumatic Osteoarthritis had also progressed.

After his accident, it wasn’t only his favorite outdoor activities Matt could not participate in. He was also unable to complete routine household activities such as mowing the lawn, which he had to outsource. At work, he could no longer travel up and down the walkways that stretched over the conveyors at the bakeries or climb stairs because he could not bend his ankle. Most day to day activities were a struggle, and he became desperate.

Matt’s doctor knew he was desperate to find a solution, so he presented Matt with the option of a total ankle replacement. It took little convincing because this doctor thoroughly explained the procedure, and Matt was referred to Dr. Anand Vora in Chicago to carry out the replacement. Dr. Vora said the INFINITY™ Total Ankle Replacement would be the best option if he ever needed a revision surgery. (Matt was considered a young candidate for an ankle replacement, but INFINITY™ allows for a revision in the future.) Matt and Dr. Vora scheduled the ankle replacement for April 23, 2015.

The INFINITY™ Total Ankle System is intended to be used to treat patients with ankle joints damaged by severe arthritis or a failed previous ankle surgery. The INFINITY™ Total Ankle System is intended to give patients limited mobility by reducing pain and restoring movement in the ankle.

Not everyone is a good candidate for the INFINITY™ Total Ankle System. Talk to your doctor to discuss your lifestyle and health to find out if surgery with the INFINITY™ Total Ankle System is a good option for you.

Surgery went smoothly, and Matt was out of the hospital after 24 hours. He used a knee scooter around the house and crutches outside to avoid putting pressure on the ankle, and after two weeks, Matt had his stitches removed and was able to put pressure on the ankle while wearing a supportive boot. He began physical therapy two weeks after an additional no weight bearing period. At the beginning of the fifth week the protective boot was removed, and Matt was able to resume wearing normal shoes. He returned to work and continued physical therapy three times per week.

Matt’s physical therapy entailed leg presses, squats and lots of stretching to loosen up his muscles as well as at-home exercises. There was no pain after the surgery, and the stiffness he experienced in his ankle eased after six to eight weeks post-surgery thanks to physical therapy. Much to Matt’s pleasure, he was back to playing golf in August of 2015. After eight to 10 weeks, he was walking just as well as he did before the initial accident that had caused his crippling ankle pain.

“After my accident, I was a guy, who couldn’t do much more than sit in a chair,” said Matt. “Now I can do almost everything I used to do prior to my accident short of aggressive contact sports. I would absolutely recommend the INFINITY™ Total Ankle Replacement to those suffering from crippling ankle pain and who are candidates for the procedure.”

Many factors contribute to the length of hospital stay and rehabilitation. These factors include, but are not limited to, your age and health at the time of surgery as well as your surgeon’s determination of the appropriate hospital stay and rehabilitation. Additionally, there are risks associated with ankle replacement surgery such as pain and bruising, damage to blood vessels or nerves, infection, or blood clots that can travel to your heart or lungs. If you experience these complications, your hospital stay may be extended.

These results are specific to this individual only. Individual results and activity levels after surgery vary and depend on many factors including age, weight and prior activity level. There are risks and recovery times associated with surgery and there are certain individuals who should not undergo surgery.