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Tell Ankle Pain to Take a Hike

If you’ve been suffering with serious and painful ankle issues, you may be a candidate for Total Ankle Replacement surgery (also called “TAR” or “ankle arthroplasty”). Ankle replacement surgery is designed to relieve pain and preserve motion in the arthritic ankle joint by replacing the joint with a prosthesis. MoveWright™ may be a good option for you if you suffer from traumatic arthritis, end stage arthritis or other issues that cause ankle pain.

Know Your Options

Learn more about available surgical treatment options and determine if Total Ankle Replacement is the right choice for you.

Pre-Op Navigation

Only Wright offers PROPHECY Guides which assist the surgeon in preplanning your ankle replacement surgery based on your unique anatomy.

Patient Stories

Undergoing ankle replacement is a big decision. We invite you to hear what patients, such as yourself, are saying after being treated.

Questions for Your Doctor

Make the most of your time with your physician by planning questions in advance when discussing your ankle replacement options.