About Us

Until recently, there were limited options for ankle replacement in the U.S. The Wright INBONE® Total Ankle began as a leading foot and ankle surgeon’s quest to provide a viable surgical solution to ankle arthritis patients for pain reduction and restored mobility. The INBONE® ankle team carefully studied previous ankle designs to determine the causes of implant failure. With that knowledge in hand, and using design elements already proven successful in hip and knee implants, the INBONE® ankle engineers designed a total ankle replacement intended to stand the test of time.

The INBONE® Total Ankle has many features that enhance its performance, including:

  • The prosthesis has anchoring stems to secure it in place, within both the tibia and talus;
  • Components selected based on patient size and bone structure

The INBONE® Total Ankle is intended for use in patients with ankle joints damaged by severe arthritis or patients with a failed previous ankle surgery.

Ankle replacement does carry risks; such as, loss of bone surrounding the implant and excessive wear of the implant, both of which can lead to a need to replace the implant. Your surgeon can discuss these and other risks with you. Additionally, there is limited data regarding the longevity of the INBONE® Total Ankle device; it is unknown how long the implant can be expected to perform well once implanted.

Only a physician can tell you if this product and associated procedure are right for you and your unique circumstances. Please consult with a physician for complete information regarding benefits, risks and possible outcomes.

Who is Wright?

Wright is a well-established orthopedic company with over 60 years of design experience and a distinguished track record in the field of joint replacement.

Wright’s philosophy has always been to design implants and procedures that preserve as much of the body’s natural structures (bone) as possible. Through advances in implant technology and constant improvement in surgical techniques, Wright is continually innovating products that improve the lives of our patients.

For decades Wright has been an industry leader, pioneering new and better ways to address joint pain – which is why physicians and patients put their trust in Wright.